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Patient Privacy Policy

To ensure the patients and clients of Curtin Dental and all affiliated business units providing personal information to the surgery, are protected and the information remains confidential within the scope of the provision of the patient care.


All staff and external contractors to the surgery are required to sign a detailed confidentiality agreement encompassing the details, procedures, and all sensitive information relating but not limited to our patients, clients, and services. These include:

  • All employees being full, part time or casual working within Curtin Dental.
  • All contractors including cleaners having direct access to the surgery not covered under their own company agreement.
  • Computer Hardware and Software Support Personnel.

Information will be shared only with the following persons or institutions and only within the relevant bodies where the information is necessary to the provision of care.

  • Medical personnel involved directly with the patients care.
  • Referring Specialists or General Practitioners.
  • Ancillary Medical Services (Capital Pathology, Canberra Imaging, MFI Canberra Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging)
  • Health Insurance Funds
  • Health Insurance Commission (Medicare) or Department of Veteran Affairs

In General, a patient’s health information provided to the surgery will not be used for any other purpose without prior consent being obtained from the patient.

Security of Information

Information provided to the surgery by patients is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. This information is retained in the surgery with secure computer passwords, screen savers, backup of data and firewall protection on the network. Original consent and files are stored securely on premises and then destroyed in the confidential bin after the required amount of time as per ADA regulations.

The staff at Curtin Dental will only correspond or speak directly to the patient unless specific instructions have been given otherwise.

Patients may have access to their records in accordance with the ADA Privacy Rules once an original signed release is held by the surgery, a fee may incur.

Electronic records are stored on our Curtin Dental server and maintained by IT personal ie: firewalled, secured and backed up.

Photos and x-rays that are taken digitally are attached to the patient’s file.