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Cerec Restoration in just one visit

A ceramic crown or partial crown in just one visit.

Using the latest, state of the art, 3D imaging technology, we are now able to provide you with a brand new custom designed crown in just one appointment.

The tooth is prepared in the same way as making a conventional lab crown, which would normally take around 2 weeks to be made. But instead of taking impressions of your teeth and sending them away to an external lab we are now able to use a small inter oral camera which takes precise 3D images of your tooth.

The Cerec digital imaging software then generates an image which the dentist is able to configure to fit perfectly around your prepared tooth, meaning minimal alterations in the mouth. The image is then sent to a milling machine here in the practice and a crown is made within the hour. Meaning you can walk out with a new, fully functioning, long lasting, restored tooth.

Speak to your dentist at your next appointment and see if a Cerec crown is a suitable option for you.